Partner with Meadow Lane by Becoming a Monthly Contributor

Meadow Lane has been blessed to travel all across the country to spread the marvelous Gospel of Jesus Christ in song. Their continued success and favor is driven first by the grace of God, but you the fan and friend of Meadow Lane are what God uses to make provisions for their needs.

Your support, your prayers, your kindness, generosity, and your obedience to what God guides you to do are the main contributing factors that put God's plan of action to work. Without the support of our fans and friends, our ministry would suffer greatly. We are firm believers that God will always supply our every need regardless, but we also know that sometimes He plans to do that through the help of His children.

We would humbly ask that you pray about being a monthly contributor to our ministry.

It is expensive to run your family. Every week you buy groceries, gas, and there's no telling how many stops you make at the coffee shop. Monthly you pay the mortgage, the light bill, cable bill, car payment, not to mention insurance and maintenance. Now, consider doing all of that plus managing the expenses of a ministry. There are travel expenses every week much like you encounter when you go on vacation, only this is no vacation. It is very itinerary based and you must be in specific locations at specific times. Then there are breakdowns that are costly because they may make you late for your date, or they may mean you don't make it home until much later than you planned. Then there are the monthly bills that a ministry encounters. There's product to buy, bills for promotion of your product and/or group, and then there's the bus payment and insurance not to mention various other expenses. Before long it becomes a bit overwhelming just to think about it.

As you can see the need is great. We are asking men and women of Godly character, who love and support our ministry every chance they have, who have prayed for us and have spent long hours listening to our music, and have been blessed by the message therein to sew a seed into our ministry. We are asking those men and women who are friends and fans that are capable of supporting us on a monthly basis to invest in what God has in store for our ministry by making a monthly contribution in any amount to support our cause. God will surely bless you for it and you will receive great discounts on Meadow Lane merchandise in return for becoming a monthly contributor.

How do I partner with Meadow Lane and become a monthly contributor?

There are a few ways to become a monthly contributor.

(1) The easiest way to do this is to simply click the button below that says donate. You may enter any amount you wish to donate monthly. Then below your contribution amount there is a box labeled "Make this a monthly donation". Check that box. Next there is a section to "Write a Note". Please use the note section to leave us your address and phone number so we can follow up with you and send you special deals like being the first to get our new CD or discounted concert tickets. Then fill out the remaining information and then click the "Donate Now" button. That's it! You are all set and the card you use for the transaction will automatically make a donation in the same amount every month.

(2) If this tech savvy world in which we live in has you feeling like a 57' Chevy parked in a Lamborghini garage then have no fear. You may also make your monthly contribution by mail. Our mailing address is as follows:

Meadow Lane

 125 Meadow Ln. SE

Cleveland TN 37323

(3) Feel free to call our office to discuss other arrangements if necessary.


We sincerely appreciate your support of our ministry. Our main goal is to magnify Christ and see souls won into the kingdom. You can make a difference in someone's life today. Your  monthly support is what we have been waiting for and every soul that is saved through our ministry will be a direct result of your generosity.